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Gay Theatre is Great Theatre

Performing for the community for thirty years

Glinda South

The gay theatre group Homo Promos was founded in 1988 as a response to Section 28, which forbade councils from ‘intentionally promoting homosexuality’.

Section 28 got the chop in 2003, but all these years later Homo Promos marches on.

This website tells the story of its numerous productions, its community activities and its current plans.

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To learn more about Homo Promos, explore the various pages of this website.

Peter Scott‐Presland is the founder/director of Homo Promos and has written much of its material.

He has also been a journalist, historian, and songwriter, and is a compiler of crosswords.

Latest News

After the successful readings from 'A Gay Century', the texts of the first ten libretti have been published by Conrad Press.

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International Award


Homo Promos Theatre Company has been awarded the 2021 Orfeo & Thalia 2021 Award from the International Rainbow Culture Network, the world-wide network of LGBT+ arts practitioners based in Stockholm.

Orpheus and Calais

The award acknowledges the marathon series of online gay play readings which Homo Promos has been presenting since March 2020.

Outstanding in this series, and timely, given the success of Russell T Davies's It's A Sin, was AntiBody by Louise Parker Kelley, presented by the Company in October 1983.

It was the first play about HIV/AIDS in the world and was performed on 2 March 2021.