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LGBT+ heritage items.

Studio Voltaire

Clapham mural

Clapham Mural

Studio Voltaire commissioned a mural about the queer history of Clapham Common - the cruising, the protests, the Pride and the performance.

In it is a small memento of Homo Promos' performance on Midsummer Night 1991 of a revival of 'Teatrolley'. Previously we did summer midnight matinees in 1982 to 1985 at the same site. The artist is Flo Brooks.

Clapham mural

Artist Flo Brooks

Clapham mural

Clapham Mural close-up

The Hemingford Arms

Islington Council has commissioned a series of small pink plaques commemorating Queer spaces in the borough. One of these is on the Hemingford Arms in Highbury.

This was the site of regular discos by Gay Icebreakers in the early 1980s. It was also the venue of several performances by Consenting Adults, Homo Promos' predecessor, and regular Sunday cabarets, Sunday Funday, working with most of the prominent LGBT cabaret performers of the time.

Clapham mural