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Gay Theatre is Great Theatre

Performing for the community for thirty years

Glinda South

The gay theatre group Homo Promos was founded in 1988 as a response to Section 28, which forbade councils from ‘intentionally promoting homosexuality’.

Section 28 got the chop in 2003, but all these years later Homo Promos marches on.

This website tells the story of its numerous productions, its community activities and its current plans.

The video of the Cockpit performance of 1944: Home Fires is now available to view plus the Classic FM article about its cancellation at HM Prison Wormwood Scrubs.


On Friday 19 January 2024 at 8.40 a.m., composer Robert Ely wrote "leaving only the Wilde portrait illuminated", "ppp" and "Finis" at the end of the score for 2001: Hitched, the final section and epilogue of A Gay Century.

Hitched final bars

One of the most ambitious works of gay art, of queer theatre and indeed in the whole of opera, was finally completed. Seventeen episodes, seven and a half years' work and 19 hours 55 minutes of music.

Few outside Wagner have had such vision and scope. It is a unique achievement. We are insufferably proud of it. See A Gay Century to get the measure of this great cycle.

Glinda South

Peter Scott‐Presland is the founder/director of Homo Promos and has written much of its material.

He has also been a journalist, historian, and songwriter, and is a compiler of crosswords.

Homo Promos Theatre Company has also received an International Award

To learn more about Homo Promos, explore the various pages of this website.

See our HP Shop page and the Digital Download of Coming Out - Ready or Not.

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Flash Dances: 100 Little Queer Stories

Homo Promos director, Peter Scott-Presland, is joining forces with writer Stephanie Dickinson to edit Flash Dances: 100 Little Queer Stories for Paradise Press.

They invite any writers on the LGBT+ spectrum to contribute stories or narrative poems to this anthology of Flash Fiction, to be published late summer 2024. These do not have to be queer in content; any subject matter is acceptable. There are prizes too!

Carl Davis RIP

Carl Davis (1936 - 2023) wasn’t only a brilliant composer of film and TV music, he wrote some great songs.

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